8 Content Ideas For Your Newsletters

Our time is precious, and no one understands that more than an entrepreneur. Many of us spend a considerable amount of time planning, trying to make the most out of each day. We understand that “being the boss” means that our business starts and ends with us, and where we choose to put our efforts is incredibly important.

As time goes on, more millennials are starting their businesses while working full time jobs, we have families and obligations on top of our dreams. This usually means that we have to work twice as hard, we have to become masters of time management.

If you’re anything like me, you feel like you never have enough time. You are constantly whittling down your ‘to do’ list and tweaking your schedule. Your ultimate goal? To just be more productive today than you were yesterday.

It should be no secret that marketing is a crucial part to the life of any brand or business. We can dedicate ourselves to creating wonderful content (which we should), but if no one knows it’s there—it wont be the best use of our time. Developing a strategic marketing strategy is a must.

For awhile, this task will likely fall on our shoulders, until we have raised enough capital to work with a marketing agency or other marketing professionals. So where do we start?

Marketing Today

A little research can determine that content marketing is continuing to rise in 2018. This includes social media posts, videos, blog posts and newsletters! All of these content heavy avenues are worth our time !

Newsletters specifically, can be incredibly effective because it is a direct line between you and your audience. They have to “opt-in” which means they are expecting to hear from you, and more importantly, they want to. These are the people you absolutely want to create a relationship with, and the content you provide for them should reflect that.

And alas, the question at hand. What content should you provide in your newsletters?

Content Ideas For Your Newsletters

With everyone wanting to send emails, yours can easily get lost in the mix.  I think the first thing you should sort out is how often you want to send your newsletter. That can be tricky, I think it depends on the content you are sharing, and how often “news worthy” things happen in your business. You don’t want to come across spammy, and sending the newsletter with a lot of time in-between can cause people to forget about you. The frequency is something you will have to work out through trial an error.

But once you have that worked out, the next step is figuring out what content can be included in your newsletters. Here are 8 ideas i’ve come up with:

1) New Blog Posts

If you are a blogger, I think this goes without saying. We are always looking for ways to market our most recent content, but I think we can take this even further and re-imagine how we share our content in our newsletters.

If you do a series to inform your readers about a specific topic, like how to grow your business for example, then you can share your older content since it will be relevant! Or, if you keep up to date with the news and things happening in your industry, you can share content that is relevant to that as well.

This will not only help to produce more click-throughs, but it will also help to establish you as an authority in your field.

2) New products you’ve launched

If you’ve got a new product that you’ve just released, definitely include that information in your newsletter! People that sign up to hear from you want to know what you are up to, and if you’ve been working really hard on a special project you should definitely share that with your list! Try not to come off to “sales-y” though, that will likely cause people to unsubscribe from you. I would refrain from talking about prices, and just tell them that it’s available and what it’s about. If they are interested, they can click the link and read more about it!

3) Things you have shared on other social media platforms

Say you’ve taken a super beautiful or inspiring photo that you shared on your instagram. Pop that baby into your newsletter! Some people that follow your emails/website may not follow you on all your social media platforms. If you share some of your best content from each platform, it may prompt them to follow you there as well! It will also breathe life into your newsletters so that it’s not just a bunch of text.

4) Collaborations you have done

Have you and another person in your field done and awesome collaboration? Maybe you did a youtube video together, or maybe you did an awesome guest post for someone else. If the information you cover is relevant to your readers (as it should be), share it with them!

5) What you are planning for the near future

If you’ve been quietly working on something that is not 100% finished, you can start to create some buzz for the project by mentioning it via your newsletter. This can create intrigue about your projects and hopefully help to make the launch more successful!

6) Press You’ve Done

If you’ve gotten to the point where you are doing interviews (which is a huge goal of mine) definitely share that! If you can offer a behind the scenes glimpse into your life, that’s a great way to connect with your audience!

Most of us are the face of our brands, so we’ll have to step in front of the camera sometimes! People love to see behind the scenes, exclusive content. Maybe you can take some photos that are specifically for your newsletters subscribers.

Idk about you guys, but I love seeing behind the scenes footage of my favorite TV shows/films, and I kinda get the same feeling when a blogger or vlogger shows some behind the scenes aspect of their life. It’s pretty cool!

7) Something Interesting You learned

We should try to pull inspiration from everywhere! If you have an interesting discussion with a friend or colleague that really sticks with you, feel free to include that info in your newsletter! Anything that you can offer that may help or give value to your readers is fair game! If you learn something interesting while your our rocking your business, share it!

8) Company news

Of course, any general news or big announcements can be shared via your newsletter too! This is a great way to create that relationship with your audience.

In Closing

So if you find yourself feeling totally uninspired or drawing a blank on what your next email campaign can include, take a look at this list! Hopefully these suggestions can help you get the ball rolling.

What content do you share in your newsletters? Let me know in the comments below! Looking forward to your opinion!

Olivia J

Olivia J is a video producer, writer, and director specializing in corporate video, events, documentaries and film. To see some of her work visit oliviaj.me