How to Overcome Feeling Unmotivated

There is an ugly side of entrepreneurship that most do not want to talk about. It threatens our starry-eyed view of going into business for yourself. After all, how could you not be happy when you’re the boss? You don’t have to report to anyone. You can work in your pajamas or on the sands of the Bahamas. You can even make money while you sleep.

But the truth is a lot of side hustlers, soloprenuers, and business owners alike find themselves in a strange predicament.

Finding the motivation to work.

It may sound ridiculous, but when you are your own boss you can easily become your own worst enemy.

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How To Overcome Feeling Unmotivated

Some days we feel like Superman. We crush our to-do list, meet all our obligations, and we are happy.  With every passing moment, it’s as if we are getting stronger. Our motivation is in excess.

Other days we feel like we are drowning. You feel crushed by the weight of your responsibilities. People are depending on you but you feel lost on your journey and inadequate. It’s a scary moment for an entrepreneur and a time when business can suffer.

In these dark times, how do you overcome your feelings to get things done anyway?

I believe with some proper planning and a little perspective, we can come out on top.

1 | Accept It

Our brains are wired to reject things that make us feel uncomfortable. One of the most uncomfortable things we can do is start a business, so it’s no wonder that our brain starts playing tricks on us!

It’s nice to think that every day we will wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed. But it’s just not realistic. The same way we didn’t want to do our homework when we were younger, is the same way that we don’t want to do our work today. It’s the defiant little kid in all of us that would much rather watch TV and avoid responsibility.

So the first thing you can do when you’re feeling unmotivated? Accept that it is a normal part of being human. When we accept it we can move past it.

2 | Commit To Work For 10 Minutes

Have you ever forced yourself to do something you initially didn’t, only to find that once you got going you couldn’t stop? You were totally immersed in it and before you know it, hours had gone by. Where did the time go?

Yep, another brain trick.

Once you got over the hurdle of not feeling like it, you realized that you did actually want to work. Make a deal with your brain, and try committing to the work for 10 minutes. If you are still unmotivated after that, you can take a break.

3 | Think Ahead

We know that there are going to be times where we just aren’t feeling our best, and nothing will remedy it but taking a mental break. So it’s a good idea to plan as much as we can for those inevitable rainy days.

What that looks like will depend on your business. Perhaps it’s a matter of creating some additional content that you have on the back-burner. Or maybe you can schedule in planned mental breaks every few weeks. Or may it’s a matter of creating a “good mood” stash in your office like a music playlist or motivational podcasts. No matter how you do it, think ahead!

4 | See It As An Opportunity For Growth

The daily life of an entrepreneur can be monotonous. Sometimes,  feeling unmotivated means that we need to make a change. It can be a signal that you are ready to grow. Maybe you need to develop a new product or add a new project to your marketing strategy.

If you find yourself feeling unmotivated more often then you’d like, think about things that do make you feel motivated and see if you can add it to your business model.

5 | Look For Inspiration In Others

One thing that always gets my spirits up is looking at others who are achieving goals that I hope to achieve someday. They beat the odds and accomplished what feels impossible to me at that moment. It lights a fire in my spirit like no other.

Our story is our biggest asset and I gladly follow people who have a story that resonates with me. If they can do it then so can I! Try looking to others for inspiration. It really helps!

6 | Remember Why You Started

Sometimes we lose our way because we forgot where we came from. Maybe all you need is to reconnect to your “why”. Why did you start your business, what was in your heart? I’d imagine that it’s because you have a vision that is bigger than yourself. You want to make a positive impact on your community. That is an amazing idea and you owe it to yourself to see it through no matter what hardships may come your way!

7 | Connect To What’s Really Bothering You

What are you running from? What are you trying to avoid? Is it simply that you need a break? Or is it that the work you are doing no longer speaks to you? Sometimes we feel unmotivated for very real reasons. If you are avoiding your work because it no longer makes you happy, that’s a huge revelation.

You may know of a blogger named Necole Kane. Her story is relevant to this point. She started a gossip blog called that saw massive success. On the outside, everyone thought she had it made but in reality, she was miserable. Eventually, she listened to her gut, closed down the site and started anew. She now runs a successful lifestyle blog for women. She’s now got a booming business that is good for her soul.

Sometimes, that is what it will take. You may have to start over. You may have transitioned and outgrown what you are currently doing. Only you can determine that but the only way to do it is to get to the heart of what’s really bothering you.

It’s Only Temporary

I know that when you are in the middle of it, feeling unmotivated can seem like the end of the world. But just like everything else you’ve gone through, this will pass. No matter how final it all may feel.

If you suspect that you are suffering from depression, please consider seeking outside help. Sometimes, we can’t do it alone.

I hope you found value in this post. What do you do when you feel unmotivated? Sound off in the comments below! Thank you so much for reading!

Olivia J

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