How to Successfully Use Video Content to Market Your Business

In the world of business and entrepreneurship many trends come and go. Buzzwords pop up and fizzle out over time. But one thing that won’t change is the practice of marketing—more specifically, content marketing. 

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What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a type of marketing where you create, publish and share content with a specific goal in mind, like increasing brand awareness. It’s one branch of the marketing tree, but it’s usefulness an effective part nonetheless. Any content you create can be used in this way, blog posts, podcasts, social media content and of course, video content. While every form of content can be a valuable asset to any marketing plan, today I want to focus on video content.

The Power of Video

Video is one of the most powerful tools available to us today. As a video content creator myself, I have seen first hand how video can change the trajectory of a brand and/or business. But there’s a bit of a problem. In a recent survey, 85% of people reported that they want to see videos from brands they support (wyzowl). But 14% of businesses don’t produce any content at all—while only 24% of businesses produce video content weekly (buffer). That’s a pretty significant discrepancy.

Aside from the obvious reasons why I think this is happening, (video content creation is time consuming and has a fairly large learning curve) there’s another reason why some are missing out on the opportunities video has to offer.

I talk with a lot of business owners that understand they need videos, but they don’t know how to make them really work for their business so they are hesitant to put in the effort. I don’t blame them. Because let’s face it, producing video content isn’t cheap, it’s time consuming, and it’s not something you can just pick up and do on your own without having to learn a decent amount of information along the way. No matter if you try to produce it yourself or hire someone to do it, there’s a lot to creating videos. So how can use video content to market your business the right way?

How to Use Video Content The Right Way

As with most things, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. However, one of the great things about video content is that as long as you follow some pretty simple concepts you will see the benefits.

I’d also like to add that the value of video isn’t always straight forward. You can’t always quantify the benefits.  It’s not like you buy a product, sell it and then have your exact profit calculated. Even if your intention is to sell a product, you can’t really produce a commercial and expect that video to produce an exact number of sales.

You can (and should) track how well a particular video is doing, but it’s not an exact science. There are some intangible benefits you get from video content, like brand awareness. That is still extremely valuable even if you don’t see extra dollar signs right away. 

Okay, off of my soap box! So how can you successfully use video content? 

1 | Produce the best quality possible

Video is a visual product. So it’s important that the quality of your videos are the best they can possibly be. Many people will click off of a video if the quality is lacking, because it affects the enjoyment of consuming the material. It’s really hard to have a successful video response if the quality isn’t there.

It doesn’t have to be movie quality, but it does need to meet some basic qualifications. If you are planning to film videos yourself, there are things that you can do to create decent content. And no, you don’t need a fancy camera right away. If you have already purchased a DSLR, there are things you should check before you hit record to make sure you get off on the right foot. 

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Eventually, you’ll probably want to hire a professional that can take care of all the moving parts. But from the beginning, aim to make the quality of your video the best it can possibly be! Consider all the factors, lighting, audio and even the location.

2 | Create the right content

If you want to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to video, you want to make sure you’re creating the right content. In most cases, the nature of your business will determine what’s best to create. There are some content ideas that are universal, like a brand video. But in other cases, specific content will work better for you.

For example, if you sell products then you should probably be creating product videos. Viewers are 64-85% more likely to make a purchase after seeing a product video. So you’ll reap more benefits from that sort of content. 

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Conversely, if you have a service based business you should probably be creating tutorials. 68% of people say that they prefer to learn about a new service by watching a short video. This makes video the most popular learning tool! (wyzowl)

You might be thinking, there are already tons of tutorials out there, the market is saturated. You aren’t wrong, but that isn’t an excuse to avoid producing tutorials of your own! Remember, 85% of people said that they want to see videos from brands they support. Brands they support is the key phrase here, that means YOU!

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Make video content that best fits within your business goals! 

3 | Share it Consistently

While a lot of effort is made during the production phase, the real work comes in after you click publish. You’ll do yourself a disservice if you don’t do adequate promotion of your content. The more you promote it, the more chances you have of someone seeing. The more eyes on your content the better!

If you are wondering where you should share it, it really depends on who you want to reach and what your goals are. 

4 | Build it into the framework of your marketing plan

Video is going nowhere any time soon. In fact, it’s just becoming a larger part of the marketing world. It is being predicted that by 2020, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic (Biteable). I think it’s a safe bet to get into creating video content sooner rather than later to ride that wave! Start to think of ways that you can add video content to what you are doing.

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The possibilities are limitless. Add a brand video to the front page of your website. Embed your product videos into the individual product pages. Add video tutorials to blog posts that you’ve written.  Think about any way that you can add video seamlessly to what you already have laid out in terms of your marketing. Every little bit helps.

Using Video Content—The Right Way

I hope these tips help you as you begin to think about how you can add video content to your marketing plan. I strongly believe that if you do this, you’ll begin to see an elevation of your brand awareness as you improve your SEO and increase engagement. Have any questions for me? Feel free to drop me a line. Thank you for reading!

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