How Video Content Will Change The Game In Your Business

In the world of content, video is leading the way. You’d be hard pressed to find anything more versatile, and the diverse results it delivers are hard to ignore. Video content has the power to change the game in your business, no matter what industry you’re in.

The Power of Video 

The numbers don’t lie—video is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to us today. It’s extremely effective in driving results that will increase your profits. In fact, 80% of video marketers say video has directly helped increase sales. (wyzowl). It will also increase the amount of visitors to your site because video improves your SEO ratings! And they will likely spend more time as well. (wyzowl)

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1 | It Will Raise Brand Awareness

Social media has changed the way businesses will market themselves forever—and online video is becoming a staple in digital marketing. Consumers are increasingly relying on video content from brands (hubspot). And if you’re wondering if the space is too crowded, making it more difficult to grow, then i’d like to be the bearer of good news! Video consumption is only increasing, and consumers look to video for a variety of things. In fact, it’s being projected that people will spend 100 minutes a day watching online videos in 2021. (smart insights) That’s an increase of 19% from 2019!

Video is more likely to be shared than any other form of content, and so you will have a higher chance of getting more eyeballs on your branded images. This is a highly effective way to build your audience.

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2 | It Will Increase Sales

Seeing a return on your investment is an important factor to any business endeavor. Video delivers in this arena in many ways. By increasing your website’s SEO, bringing more traffic, and helping potential customers to spend more time on your site, video is a powerful addition to your digital marketing efforts. And viewers are 65-85% more likely to buy after watching a product video (neil patel). Consumers are using videos to make purchasing decisions, and so your potential for conversion is high.

3 | It Helps You To Establish Authority

Many consumers watch video content to learn about a hobby or skill they are trying to acquire. You have knowledge that people want to learn about, and video is the ultimate instructional tool. Whether you make youtube videos or craft an entire video course, you can establish yourself as an authority in your industry through the use of video. If you sell products, you can teach people the best way to use your product, or why the ingredients in your product are so powerful. If you offer a service, you can make videos covering your frequently asked questions. They sky is really the limit in terms of what you can do, and establishing yourself as a leader in your field is critical to your success. Video can get you there!

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Video Content—A Must Have

It’s no secret that video content will change the game in your business. And you don’t have to produce ultra high quality pieces to realize results either! While hiring a professional in this space is definitely something you’ll want to consider eventually, you can (and should) start off simple. I have many resources on this blog to help you start making your own video content right now!

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