Why Your Business Needs Video Content Now

No matter what industry you are in, having an effective marketing strategy is an important factor to the success and growth of your business. People need to know you are out there with a fantastic product that will benefit them tremendously, and there really is no way to do that without marketing! Nevertheless, the concept of marketing is like a moving target, and can be very hard grasp. It’s not really tangible, and so that leaves room for much interpretation. Because of this, marketing has become big business! There are a ton of ad agencies and experts dedicated to telling you how you can grow your audience, raise your revenue, and expand your reach (for a pretty penny too). While I do think consulting an ad agency or an expert is a great idea, I believe they are most effective for companies that have reached a certain level of success and need that extra push to advance. I think there is a lot we can do on our own before we get to that point.

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**Update** I have made a video on this subject! Check it out below!

Of all of the marketing strategies, visual marketing  seems to gets you the most bang for your buck. This is why I believe you should strongly consider professional videos to market your business! In my line of work, I constantly meet entrepreneurs that are looking to expand their audience and reach. Whenever I tell them what I do, they are often very interested. But you’d be surprised how often I hear “I don’t need videos in my marketing strategy” or “I don’t see where videos fit in my overall business structure”.

I can guarantee you, no matter what business you have or what industry you are in, there is a way for you to implement professional videos into your strategy and you should do it soon! Whether it’s training videos on how to use your product, commercials to advertise your upcoming sale, informational videos to give more in-depth info about your service, or even a highlight video of your workshops or events, there is a need for videos in your business!

A properly made video, will add credibility to your business, display value in what you offer, and will jump start any marketing strategy!

Why You Need Videos To Market Your Business

Encourages Engagement

A common entrepreneurial experience is spending a great deal of time coming up with some clever social media posts only to see 1 like and maybe 1 share. That’s a terrible feeling! One thing professional videos can do for you, is encourage engagement. People are visual creatures, which means videos will appeal to a mass audience. Anyone can sit and watch a 30 second or 1-2 minute video about a subject matter. Especially if the video is entertaining in some way by making people laugh, or think, or inspire them to reach their goals!

They are also more likely to share it with others. Engagement from your audience is the ultimate goal of any marketing strategy. You want people to share your posts, check out your website, and ultimately purchase your product! Studies have shown that social media posts containing photos and/or video get more clicks and views then posts with just text. There are also studies that show, if your website has videos on it, people spend more time looking around! All of these things are great for business!

Gets Your Message Across Easily And Effectively

Sure, you can write a bunch of copy for your website, even write thought provoking posts for social media and your blog. But as mentioned before, people are visual creatures. They are much more likely to scroll past a post with just text then they are with one that has a wonderful photo or an engaging video attached to it!

And it can’t be denied that an engaging video is going to get your message across much more clearly and effectively then writing a page of copy. People can watch a video and get exactly what you are trying to say within a couple of minutes. This takes care of a lot of the leg work explaining what your mission statement is! This is not to say, that you shouldn’t have awesome copy, that will also assist you in getting your message across, but a great video adds just a little more spark!

Clearly Displays the Likability, Personality, and Branding of Your Business

If you are the face of your business or even if you have a spokesperson, having a star in your videos leads to great branding! For example, think about the Progressive insurance commercials. When you think about that insurance company, i’m pretty sure most of you picture Flo, the main character. She is part of the branding for Progressive now, because she is funny and likable, which in turn gives Progressive this likable quality.

If you have a face for your brand that has a great personality and is likable, it will help your videos to become popular and you will generate more business. Even more then that, videos give you the ability to tailor make the feeling you would like your audience to experience when they think about your company. If you want to be funny, lighthearted, professional, bubbly, or all of that in one, videos have the ability to display it all easily.

In Conclusion

Professional videos can be a great asset to you. They can spark interest and generate buzz. It is an excellent and necessary component to any marketing strategy. I once had a mentor tell me, that marketing is a lot like throwing a net. You throw a whole bunch of things out there and before you know it, you are collecting an audience and people are hearing about you all over the place!

I personally like to think of it as planting seeds. To me, an effective marketing strategy is one where you do a little bit of everything, and before you know it you’ll have a long-lasting, interactive audience that can’t wait to see what product you put out next!

What do you think? Do you have professional videos for your business? Did they help you?! Let me know in the comments below, please don’t forget to join my newsletter for updates, and follow me on all of my social media platforms!

Olivia J

Olivia J is a video producer, writer, and director specializing in corporate video, events, documentaries and film. To see some of her work visit oliviaj.me